The History of Soy Wax and Its Importance in Candle Creation

The History of Soy Wax and Its Importance in Candle Creation

Given the lengthy history of candles, it would be easy to assume that using soy wax is as common as using paraffin, but soy wax is a new addition to the world of candles when compared with other materials.

When Was Soy Wax Created?

In a bid to find an inexpensive alternative to beeswax, Michael Richards discovered soy wax in 1991.

Although not a quick process, Richards would test a series of vegetable products, and found soybeans were the perfect alternative to beeswax as well as potentially toxic candle materials, including paraffin.

What Is the Refining Process for Soy Wax?

Once soybeans have been harvested, they are then cleaned, cracked, dehulled before being rolled into flakes.

The oil is then extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated, and the fatty acids of the oil become saturated.

How are Wax Candles Manufactured?

Soy flakes are melted in boilers and other ingredients will be added during the melting process, like essential oils.

The wick of the candle is prepared ahead of the pouring process, and the finished product is then left to cool at room temperature.

Why Are Soy Wax Candles Important?

Although many could assume that the use of soy wax is a luxury, it yields a series of benefits that make them preferable to conventional candle options.

Although candles produced using other materials in the past will have served a purpose, there could also be a series of side effects that could affect the environment and even the health of those using the candle.

Soy wax has an organic infrastructure, so there are no toxins to be released into the atmosphere. In other instances, the fragrance of the candle could be harmful, but as soy wax candles use essential oils, the fragrance is non-toxic, natural and offers a better fragrance than conventional candles.

Are Soy Wax Candles More Expensive than Conventional Options?

There can be many factors that affect the price of a candle, including the size and manufacturing process. Although the assumption can be made that soy wax candles are more expensive, they offer better value than other options.

The approximate burning time of soy wax candles is 50% more than a paraffin candle, so those purchasing a soy wax candle in the first instance will not need to worry about replacing their candles on a regular basis.

What are the Benefits of Soy Wax Candles?

The popularity of soy wax candles can be attributed to an abundance of reasons, and the benefits people receive can vary depending on several factors.

However, if you figured that soy wax candles were nothing more than a fad, then think again, as they have shown to have a series of benefits that range from a better mindset to a healthier way of living.

As well as the slow burn of a soy wax candle, many people also find they have a cleaner and stronger fragrance that helps create the perfect atmosphere in the home.

I’ve Never Used a Soy Wax Candle and am Happy with the Candles I Use? Is it Worth Considering?

The enjoyment of candles is subjective, and like many things, people will have their own wants and requirements.

Of course, there may be those that have experienced a candle brand for some time, and do not like change in their life.

This is an understandable viewpoint, but if you have not considered the soy wax candle benefits before, it is certainly something you should try out first-hand at least once.

There can be significant information online that determines what the finest candle is, but only you can find the perfect fit.

Fortunately, there is a lot of choice regarding soy wax candles, with many scented options available. If you are worried there will be more expense incurred, then fear not, as many are surprised at how affordable soy wax candles are when searching online.

What Do I Need to Consider When Buying a Soy Wax Candle?

Despite the many benefits that soy wax candles can offer, this does not mean you should choose the first candle you see.

There are many reputable vendors online, but there are just as many that will list a candle as soy, when it contains other materials.

As such, if you want to get the finest experience from your soy wax candle, then you need to ensure that you are using a reputable vendor.

As well as ensuring that you have a choice, it also ensures any questions or queries you may have regarding soy wax candles can be answered promptly. All that is left for you to so is sit back and relax while you await the arrival of your candle. 

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