Is Soy Wax Better Than Paraffin Wax?

Paraffin wax was first discovered during the 1850s, where it was found the refinement of crude oil would relax in a waxy substance which was then used to create candles.

Evidently, the breakthrough was historic, and many have experienced the benefits of paraffin candles for many years, but the production of candles using paraffin wax has lessened over the years, with other waxes making headway instead, especially soy wax.

During its initial conception, it could be argued the manufacturing of paraffin candles was kinder to the environment, as it made use of surplus materials that would have ended up in the landfill regardless.

However, the impact to the environment would be discovered after burning the candle, and despite some of its benefits, many found using paraffin candles to be detrimental to the environment, and in some instances, the health of the person.

How Is Paraffin Wax Manufactured?

Paraffin wax starts out as a mixture of oil and wax, which is obtained by the refinement of oil. The oil residue is separated via the use of crystallisation, achieved by heating the mixture and adding other solvents including ketones.

Once cooled, the mixture is filtered into two streams, which are liquid and solids. The solids are then refined and will undergo more process to remove any unwanted colours or odours.

What Are the Benefits of Paraffin Wax?

During their inception there were a series of benefits to paraffin wax being used to make candles and is the only addition of new methods that make paraffin wax the less desirable option.

The benefits of paraffin wax regarding candles are the ability to hold dye and an effective throw regarding fragrance. Unfortunately, the burning of paraffin wax candles can lead to toxic smells and health issues.

However, paraffin wax remains a necessity in other sectors, as it is used for lubrication products and surfboard wax. It is even used as packaging for cheese.

Despite the benefits that paraffin wax offers, it pales comparatively to the benefits soy wax offers.

How is Soy Wax Manufactured?

Soy wax is derived from soybeans, following a process discovered by Michael Richards in 1991. Although it was formed to secure a more affordable alternative to beeswax, it was not long before the benefits of soy wax were recognised.

Soy wax is created by the extraction of oil from soybeans. Once the beans have been harvested, they are cleaned and cracked and then rolled into flakes or pellets.

The flakes or pellets are then added to a boiler, along with any other ingredients needed to manufacture the candle. For example, scented soy wax candles will often add essential oils, allowing for a fully organic candle.

The wax is then poured around the wick and then left to cool, and the candle will often appear merely like any other, only yielding a series of benefits.

What are the Benefits of Soy Wax?

There are a series of benefits regarding soy wax candles and help explain why they have soared in popularity when compared to other options.

Firstly, soy wax does not emit toxins when burned, as all the ingredients are sourced naturally. This ensures there is no danger to the environment, as well as allowing for a bright burn that allows the fragrance to flow freely.

Another benefit of scented soy wax candles is they are perfect for vegans. In the past, searching for a candle that contains no animal products could be complex, but this is no longer the case thanks to the introduction of soy wax.

As such, those wanting to adopt a vegan lifestyle will find that using soy wax allows for this as well as several other benefits.

Those who purchase soy wax candles also find they receive better value for money due to soy wax candles having a longer burning time.

Although there are some benefits associated with using paraffin wax, the use of soy wax is better for many reasons.

There are other types of candle available, like those created using beeswax, but this can be awfully expensive. Using soy wax is affordable, while still being derived naturally.

However, if you are wanting to find the best candles available that are created using natural ingredients, then you need to ensure that you are using a candle specialist.

Simply opting for the cheapest candle could mean that the experience is hindered. Choosing your preferred candle from an experienced vendor not only ensures that you get the best experience from your candle, but also allows for some inspiration when searching for your perfect fragrance.


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